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OutdoorAdventure" Alpaca Socks - USA

A New Idea in Footwear!
$26.00 USD

Today many seek healthy, eco-friendly clothing alternatives to artificial synthetics. Alpaca stands alone as a naturally hypo-allergenic, pollution free and sustainable resource.
A great outdoor alpaca winter sock for work and fun, including:
Skiing / snowboarding
Hunting / fishing
Hiking / Camping
Construction / Fire / Police
Farmers / Ranchers
Motorcyclists / Mountain Bikers
Cold feet at home and in bed!

Naturally soft, luxurious, strong and warm alpaca sock
Alpaca vs. wool? Alpaca is warmer!
50%+ Heavier construction than all competitors
Extreme warmth due to alpaca's hollow core fiber
Smooth hollow fiber = warmth and strength without itch
Alpaca is warm even when wet!
Soft cushion terry loop sock interior for cushioned comfort
Naturally breathable fiber wicks away sock moisture
Alpaca fiber naturally odor free
Machine washable and dryable sock (no shrinkage) {although, hang drying will lengthen their life!}
Strong durable sock construction for long lasting wear
Smart construction for support without constriction

The socks feel amazing!

Rustic Ridge Alpacas sends their alpaca fiber to be pooled with other alpaca farms to make these products!
These socks are made in the U.S.A. by a 100 yr old USA sock mill. Choice Alpaca Socks are the perfect "Alpaca Ambassadors" of what the American alpaca industry is all about. Soft, comfortable, luxurious and very toasty warm, these breathable terry socks are as unique as... well, alpacas! Made from top quality alpaca yarn blend.
More About the socks:

These socks are a blend of excellent quality alpaca (50%), nylon and acrylic to offer the best of warmth, durability,
washability and comfort. Why not more alpaca? Frankly, our tests show that alpaca is so powerful that only about 30% is needed for the warmth and softness we seek. More than 50% alpaca will tend to make the socks not only significantly more expensive, it makes them a little less wear resistant. Years of testing have resulted in the Choice Alpaca blend that feels great, machine washes and lasts over time.
Machine washable and dryable. Designed to last!

Product Specifications
Shipping & Handling Contact Brenda @ 715-340-0136 to place your order.
Product Specs A New Idea in Footwear! Outdoor Adventure Alpaca Socks!
Naturally warm, comfortable & cushioned Terry Alpaca Socks.
Alpaca is an excellent choice for warm socks due to its strength and hollow insulating core. These socks are made with a terry inner design for added warmth and comfort.

44% Alpaca 44% Microfiber 10% Nylon 2% Lycra
Machine wash warm - tumble dry low {hang drying will preserve the life of your alpaca socks}
Made in U.S.A

Sock Size Letter:
S (7-9) Fits Women's shoe 4-7; Child's shoe 9-2.5

M (9-11) Fits Men's shoe 6 - 8.5; Women's shoe 7.5 -9; Child 2-5

L (10-13) Fits Men's shoe 9 -12.5; Women's shoe 9.5-10.5; Child 4-10

XL (13-15) Fits Men's shoe 12-13; Women's shoe 11-12

Terms & Conditions

Contact Brenda @ 715-340-0136 to place your order.